Monday, May 28, 2012

Paper listing and export converging

There are two ways to get a summary of paper-related information, via Papers:List and Papers:Export. To reduce confusion, you can now also export whatever appears in the listing, by indicating Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) format on the listing page. Eventually, the separate export functionality will likely go away.

No more duplicate email messages

When you send email via "People:Email", duplicates are now removed, so that each recipient only gets one copy. The function tries to be smart about recognizing if the same person gets the same message. For example, if the template contains the variable {papertitle}, authors will get one message for each paper; if it does not, they will get one message for all their papers.

Page limit settings moved

In some conferences, tracks are all the same except for the page limits. (For example, some conferences have demo paper and short paper tracks.) To facilitate maintaining such tracks, the configuration options for page limits, both for review and final manuscripts, have been moved to a separate forms page. That way, you can update all tracks, without having to re-edit the page limits.

Page breaks in conference programs

You can now insert page breaks before selected sessions, by editing the session configuration (see "Conference:Sessions"). The page break will only show up in the printed version, e.g., using the brochure or print output options.