Sunday, September 8, 2013

Proceeding milestones

Due to increasing difficulties with European customs formalities, we added one week to the schedule for shipping CDs or USBs to non-US destinations.

Make groups of TPC members active or inactive

You can now make a whole TPC group temporarily active or inactive, as well as assign papers and members in that group specific review types. See Reviews:Assign.

Outlook email

The native Microsoft Outlook (2010) email client seems to have difficulty with email encoded as quoted printable with long lines. It inserts spurious line endings for the soft line break (= followed by CRLF). If one enables automatic line breaks in Outlook, these get removed, but a warning is shown and extra white space is added within the word. I found a work-around (or kludge, if you prefer): break lines only at linear white space characters (0x20), as Apple Mail appears to do. I had to modify the PHP Pear mimePart.php function to make this work.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wiki formatted email

Email templates and People:Email now supports Wiki-formatted email for a more "modern" email look. Wiki format uses simple textual conventions that allow you to make text bold and italic, include bulleted lists and simple tables. The email sent will contain HTML and should be readable on almost all modern email clients. To enable Wiki format for a particular template, check the "Use Wiki markup" option when editing the template.