Saturday, July 11, 2015

Conference-defined paper status

Instead of defining a pre-defined list of paper status values such as "accepted" or "minor revision", EDAS now allows conferences to create new paper status values. These can be used for special handling or, say, distinguishing posters from oral presentations. (However, in many cases, paper categories and tracks are likely to be better choices.)
New paper status options can be defined in Conference:Configure. Each can define its own background color and long text label. Each status value defines the paper as being active (i.e., under submission or review), accepted, rejected or withdrawn.
By default, new EDAS conferences start with the common status values of pending, active, withdrawn, accepted and rejected that are used for almost every conference or journal.
Paper status values were embedded in many of the hundreds of EDAS functions, so there may be some odd behaviors until all the corner cases have been generalized to handle conference-defined status values. Please let EDAS Help know if you run into anything that does not work right.


  1. How to change pending payment from wire to credit card ?

  2. One issue is giving us trouble is the "Presentation Preference (at the Conference)" Property information. I think this should be just for the Chairs not to be seen by the authors. Once the Technical Chair have defined wich papers are Oral o Poster, this info should be there, not the reviewers ones.