Monday, April 2, 2012

Conferences can now have any number of review forms

In the past, conferences were restricted to having two review forms - the basic review and a so-called meta review, i.e., a review or summary of the other reviews. This worked for most conferences, but some conferences do post-conference reviews and the old approach proved to be an awkward fit for the two-stage model. It also required a fair amount of special case handling. Thus, we have generalized the review model so that a conference can now have any number of review forms, each with different due dates, questions and email templates.

You can now also inherit (re-use) review form from other conferences more easily.

This change has moved a few review-related configuration options, such as review deadlines and templates, to Reviews:Review Forms. To create new review forms, such as a meta review, use the link at the bottom of that page.

This is a fairly major change, so it will take a bit for all functions to deal well with that generalization. As always, suggestions for how to make the configuration more intuitive are appreciated.

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