Friday, July 7, 2017

CD-ROMs fading

We have not received a request for creating conference CD-ROMs in quite a while, so we're removing the option from various EDAS pages. If your conference wants CDs for some reason, we can still help you. (Sorry, we have not figured out how to put proceedings on vinyl yet.) In addition to proceedings on USB flash drives, conferences increasingly use the option of downloading proceedings as zip files or having attendees download papers directly from the program page. We can restrict access to attendees, if the conference uses EDAS for registration, or by password. The zip file can also be password-protected and downloads can be restricted to a date range. We keep track of zip file download statistics, too.

Flash drive proceedings are also slowly fading in popularity, as they seem to mainly add to clutter in drawers and e-waste, but they are still a good branding opportunity and a decent option if conference Wi-Fi connectivity is spotty. We can supply various flash disk sizes, beyond the minimum needed for the proceedings, if conferences want to offer their attendees "swag" they can use after the conference.

If anybody is interested in purchasing a lightly-used CD burner tower, please contact us...

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